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Cover Reveal

We're thrilled to be able to show you the cover of Emergency Drill by Chris Blackwater. Emergency Drill is a tense, claustrophobic locked-in mystery that will have you on the edge of your seat from the first page to the last.

Newly qualified offshore medic, Danny Verity, arrives on the Cuillin Alpha oil platform shortly before a storm damages the satellite system, severing the crew's only means of communication to the mainland.

It isn't long before he is forced to carry out emergency surgery on an injured crewmate, whose accident he suspects was a result of deliberate sabotage, when another member of the crew disappears and yet another is attacked.

Then his casualty dies, and a sinister voice claiming to be that of the Pied Piper makes a threatening announcement on the radio system before Danny finds it damaged.

While the North Atlantic sea rages around them, Danny must find and stop the saboteur before anyone else gets hurt. But with no way of calling for help and unable to risk escaping on the lifeboats, it seems the crew are trapped aboard the platform with a killer.

You can pre-order your eBook copy HERE (Hardcover available on publication day - 18th January 2022).

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