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Dark Edge Press Sign Author Kerry Birds Two-Book Deal

We are very excited to be able to reveal to you today that we've signed author, Kerry Birds, a two-book deal. The first of which, The Catcher, a tale of obsession and revenge, is a piece of literary genius that's firmly set in the domestic noir genre. And we are really looking forward to being able to give this book the wide audience it so richly deserves.

Kerry Birds lives in Derbyshire with her husband and two boys. She is an Environmental Chemist who started reading fiction in her thirties and took up writing soon after. She now writes prolifically, partly to quieten her anxious mind.

In 2018 she self-published her first novel, Share My Sky, which was brilliantly received. Rainbows in a Storm and its sequel soon followed. She’s had her nose to the grindstone ever since.

In her spare time, Kerry loves to be with her family, preferably walking on mountains or moorlands, where she finds the perfect places to eat cake and drink tea. She likes seeing friends, going to writing group, stalking bumblebees and drinking wine.

The Catcher will be published in eBook and hardback in early 2022.

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