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Dark Edge Press Sign Author Max Talley Two-Book Deal

We are very excited to be able to share with you today that we've signed author Max Talley a two-book deal.

Santa Fe Psychosis is a hardboiled crime thriller and The Long Fadeout is a noirish crime novel. Both are atmospheric and high-octane and set in the US.

Santa Fe Psychosis will be published first in eBook and print in early 2022.

Max DeVoe Talley is a writer and artist from New York City who lives in Southern California. He began writing in 1997 and contributed entertainment, food, and humor columns to two California weekly newspapers. His near future thriller, Yesterday We Forget Tomorrow, was published by Damnation Books in 2014. Since then, his crime fiction has appeared in two Hardboiled anthologies from Dead Guns Press and in Dames & Doppelgangers from Borda Books, while his short stories have appeared in fifty journals, including Vol.1 Brooklyn, Atticus Review, Entropy, Bridge Eight, Santa Fe Literary Review, and Litro. Talley's curated surreal anthology, Delirium Corridor, debuted in December 2020.

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