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Dark Edge Press Sign Bestselling Crime Author Roger A. Price

Updated: Nov 2, 2021

We are so pleased to be able to announce today that we've signed bestselling crime author, Roger A. Price, a four-book deal for his new DS Draker crime thriller series. The first title of which, Inside Threat, is a gripping novel based on organised crime, and will appeal to fans of our own Millington's Monteith & Watson series and Mullins' Death Valley series.

Roger, who lives in Lancashire, served with the Lancashire Constabulary, the Regional Crime Squad and the National Crime Squad, before leaving in the rank of detective inspector. His covert unit received local and national acclaim for its successes against heroin and crack cocaine dealers.

He’d led the C.I.D. in Preston and had been in charge of a dedicated informant unit. Previous experiences included work on many murders and other serious crimes. He served nationally and overseas in Europe and the Far East. He was commended on four occasions.

After leaving the police force he got a proper job, as a writer of crime fiction.

His first two novels – By Their Rules (2013) and A New Menace (2014) were published by Pegasus, and his next three by Lume Books, which are: Nemesis (2016), Vengeance (2017) and Hidden (2019).

His novels have over 1200 ratings/reviews on Amazon and Goodreads averaging 4.5 stars and his work has attracted the Amazon Number 1 Bestseller status in their main listings on three occasions.

He is hugely excited that his new DS Draker series is to be published by Dark Edge Press who he sees as an innovative and forward-thinking publisher.

He is also developing a TV crime drama titled The Fixers and when he is not writing, he enjoys riding his motorcycle, playing the guitar, and starting to work out what greenhouses are for.

We are thrilled to be working with Price and look forward to giving his new series the wide readership it deserves.

Inside Threat will be released next year in eBook and print.

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