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We are delighted to announce today that we've acquired a two-book deal from author, Jamie Sinclair. The first title, I Remember You, is a chilling piece of crime fiction with echoes of Room by Emma Donoghue and When She Was Bad By Tammy Cohen.

Originally from Yorkshire, Jamie has lived in Lancashire since he was four years old. Specifically his parents moved to Morecambe, and to this day he still loves looking at the sea. Morecambe tends to be the setting for his books, including I Remember You. Jamie has an MA in Creative Writing from Manchester Metropolitan University. He wrote his debut novel as part of the course. Playground Cool is a funny and heart-warming story about love and second chances. His favourite author is Stephen King. Jamie is a keen supporter of Liverpool Football Club and, thanks in large part to his dad, he's a big fan of The Rolling Stones.

Jamie has worked in the NHS since 2004. It's where he met his wife, who is a nurse.

I Remember You will be published in digital and print in 2022. And we cannot wait to get it into the hands of our readers.

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