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Dark Edge Press Sign Author Joy Wood Two-Book Deal

Updated: Jun 7, 2021

We are really pleased to announce today that we've signed author Joy Wood a two-book deal. Secrets and Lies is a cross-genre thriller that blends domestic noir and romantic suspense with the thrills expected by readers of psychological chillers.

Head of acquisitions, Michael Norman, says, 'We feel privileged and honoured to have been given the opportunity to represent Wood, whose unique character-driven novel will appeal to readers who like realistic thrillers where family dynamics are tested by secrets, lies and betrayals.'

Joy was born in Cleethorpes, North East Lincolnshire and loves it so much she has returned to spend her retirement there. Joy has a degree in public health and for thirty years has worked as a nurse both in the private sector and the NHS, in a range of positions from ward work, clinics, theatres and the community.

Since her retirement, she has written and independently published five novels with a strong romance theme running through them. All are full of twists and turns which she hopes will have the reader eagerly turning the pages well into the night for ‘just one more chapter’. More recently, she has interjected a crime/thriller component into her writing.

Joy is a popular public speaker in and around Lincolnshire where she delivers her humorous talk about the transition she’s made from nurse to author (From Bedpan to Pen). She speaks at a range of events such as WI meetings, as an after lunch or dinner guest speaker, and at book clubs. She’s been invited to speak at local creative writing groups to talk about her writing experience and stresses that if her ‘journey’ motivates imaginative storytelling, then she is truly humbled.

As she watches the tide turn daily, walking along the quaint but beautiful seafront, Joy finds writing ideas, whatever the weather. She likes to develop characters in her head and loves the melancholy charm of the seafront during the winter months.

A memorable time for Joy was winning a competition to meet her heroine, Barbara Taylor Bradford in Soho and have the opportunity to converse with her about writing. BTB has always been such an inspiration, not just to her, but to countless other writers. Joy states she made sure she touched her arm for luck and hopes some of her prolific storytelling rubs off! (We at DEP think it has, which is why we're so glad to have snapped her up).

Secrets and Lies will be released this winter in eBook and print.

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