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Dark Edge Press Sign Debut Author Nicki Herring Two-Book Deal

Updated: Jul 2, 2021

We are pleased to announce today that we've signed debut author Nicki Herring a two-book deal. The first of which, titled This Place of Happiness is a genre-busting piece of social history merged with a slice of literary fiction and with an added splash of romance. It's a culturally aware novel depicting generational life for three Algerian women. And in the words of our head of acquisitions, Michael, 'Explores race and feminism in a way that any person can find a character with whom to identify.'

Nicki has always had a passion for writing. Most of her writing takes place after midnight in the peace of her study when the house is quiet. In the summer she writes until the sky starts to brighten before sunrise. It’s her favourite time of day, and reminds her of happy mornings driving home after attending home births in Ashford and its surrounding villages, during her thirty year career as a midwife. She spent years on night duty and has always been an owl when it comes to reading, writing and studying. Thankfully her husband has the patience of several saints, and her son has the same night owl tendencies.

This Place of Happiness was written as part of her Masters in Creative Writing and Publishing while studying at West Dean. Nicki is fascinated by the history of Algerian women and thinks that their stories are important and need telling.

Nicki is now working on editing her second novel and will be sending it to us very soon. She is relishing the freedom to explore what being a full time writer looks like for her and was completely delighted to be offered a two book deal by Dark Edge Press.

Nicki lives with her husband and their four cats. Her husband and son both work from home which makes it a busy and happy place to be. She enjoys the long term creativity of gardening, loving the optimism and expectancy of planting something and watching it grow. Much like novel writing. She also enjoys the meditative repetitiveness of needle crafts, painting watercolours and playing the flute and piano.

We are really looking forward to making this beautifully constructed story available to the public this winter.

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