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Dark Edge Press Sign Debut Mystery Author Jane McParkes Two-Book Deal

We are very pleased today to be able to announce that we've signed debut author, Jane McParkes a two-book deal. Jane McParkes’ first title, A Deadly Inheritance, is an eco-themed murder mystery set in a fictional Cornish creek-side village and will appeal to fans of Julia Chapman, Julie Wassmer and L J Ross.

Jane believes she was always destined to be a crime writer. As a child she was an avid reader of the Famous Five and any other mysteries she could find at the local library. Her first commercial success came when she was 8 years old with the publication of a letter to the Bunty comic about her grandfather digging up a small handgun and two gold hoop earrings in his garden and suggesting they were connected with an unsolved murder. From that moment she wanted to be a writer.

Small things like life, career, marriage, motherhood and illness got in the way, but that initial ambition never died. After years of secret scribbling, lots of reading and one other small success in flash fiction, Jane began writing A Deadly Inheritance. The Covid pandemic eventually focused her mind on finishing her novel, and she enjoyed writing as a means of escape from the grim reality of what was going on in the world.

A Deadly Inheritance is the first book in a new series and combines Jane’s love of Cornwall, murder mysteries and her interest in the environment, sustainability and creativity.

A Deadly Inheritance will be published in 2022 in eBook and print. And we're very much looking forward to being able to give this forthcoming series the readership it deserves.

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