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Dark Edge Press Sign Irish Crime Author, Paul McCracken, Two-Book Deal

We're super excited to share the news with you today that we've signed Irish crime author, Paul McCracken, a two-book deal. The first title of which, Disturbed Waters, is a cross-genre police procedural/serial killer thriller.

Head of acquisitions, Michael Norman, says, 'Paul writes in an engaging way, dropping breadcrumbs for the reader to follow the story, while creating a brutally realistic depiction of murder set against the backdrop of atmospheric prose. I'm really looking forward to the detective novel because it encompasses everything hardened crime fans love about the genre.'

Paul McCracken was born in Belfast. In spring 2011, Paul started to learn the craft of screenwriting and got to work writing his first feature film. The script would go on to score highly in an international screenplay competition, based out of Los Angeles. It would then place in the quarter-finals of the same competition for the next two years in a row, accompanied by another.

In 2018 he self-published his debut novel, Layla's Song.

In 2020 he secured two book deals with two different English publishers. The first, Where Crows Land, is a detective thriller set in Belfast and published by The Conrad Press (an imprint of Holland House Books), released in December 2020. The Last Rains Of Winter is published by PM Books.

Paul currently works as a factory worker and completes his writing in his free time. He is engaged and hopes that his wedding will go ahead this year after multiple postponements due to Covid-19. Paul also has a young daughter and two soon-to-be stepsons.

Disturbed Waters will be published this winter in eBook and hardback.

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