Courage (paperback), James Hardy - Released: October 13, 2022

Courage (paperback), James Hardy - Released: October 13, 2022

‘As gritty as the streets of London and as compulsive as a TV Crime Drama . . . Courage has it all: seedy government ministers and police corruption as well as conflicts of love and morality which are set against racial prejudice and social etiquette . . . This is a must-read for hardened crime fans!’


'I didn't want to put this book down'

Linda Parsons


'Highly recommended'

Midnight Aquarius


'A gritty thriller that will leave reader's on the edge of their seats'

Alistair Birch

Joanne Sinclair wants Leroy Martin's help to find a serial killer dubbed the Dorking Devil. The problem is, he's a criminal who spent two years in prison and she's the detective who helped put him there.


The unlikely duo team up to find the man and bring him down and, surprisingly, they make a good pair. But it isn't long before Leroy's past catches up with him, putting them both in grave danger.


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