DEAD WRONG (paperback) - Published by A. J. Thomas

DEAD WRONG (paperback) - Published by A. J. Thomas

A serial killer thriller, exploring what makes a murderer.

'Ingenious engineering'


'Hooked from page one'


'A gripping start to a murderous series'



When four men lose their lives after their car careens off the road into a river, everybody thinks it's an accident.

But they're wrong.

When a second vehicle blows up within a mile of the incident, the police aren't suspicious.

But they should be.


Joe is locked up awaiting execution when Detective Faulkner is called to investigate the tragic death of a young woman, when he realises her vehicle has been tampered with.

If the killer mechanic is still at large, that means Joe's innocent. And they've convicted the wrong man.

In a race against time to figure out the identity of the real murderer, Detective Faulkner sets out to discover who is responsible, but it might be too late.


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