Deception Wears Many Faces (paperback) - Published by Maggie James

Deception Wears Many Faces (paperback) - Published by Maggie James

Lyddie Hunter is devastated when her sister attempts suicide after falling victim to a ruthless con artist. Driven by her own history of failed relationships, Lyddie vows revenge on the man who broke Ellie’s heart.


After assuming a false identity she hunts down Steven Simmons, a guy she knows to be cold, calculating and cruel. But deception lurks around every corner, and Lyddie's actions unleash a train of events that puts her life, and Ellie's, in grave danger.


Can Lyddie unravel the complex web of lies ensnaring them? Or will she and her sister pay the ultimate price?


A tense novel of psychological suspense, Deception Wears Many Faces weaves lies with self-deceit and maybe even murder…

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