Going South (paperback), Tom Larsen

Going South (paperback), Tom Larsen

'Going South explores conscience and consequence with a slowly building tension . . . the reader feels like they're hanging on a frayed rope with no idea when it might snap'

- A. J. Thomas

Harry wants out. The daily grind has ground him down and his dreams are fading fast. Desperate times call for desperate measures and as a last-ditch resort he fakes his own death to claim on the insurance planning to set himself up on Easy Street.


Wife Lena has her doubts. Harry’s always had a hand in the hustle, but going for broke was never his style. She goes along for the ride just to see how far he’ll take it, down Mexico way, returning “widowed” and soon-to-be wealthy, waits out the weeks till they can reunite. Only Harry sounds funny on the phone. And she knows how he gets when he’s been drinking. Then there’s the irreversible nature of death to consider.


Harry’s scheme is seamless but the schemer has a flaw, and instead of getting what he wants might just get what he deserves.


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