'A gripping, terrifying medical thriller that realistically explores totalitarian governmental influence on individuals when social media becomes their only means of communication. Relevant to our current climate due to its contextualised depiction of the fictionalised world in which we inhabit. #Lawless has literary merit.'

The worldwide outbreak of a deadly coronavirus is responsible for the death of 5 million people.
Everyone with one is confined to their home.
The restriction in free-movement causes people to panic-buy and the streets quickly become lawless.
The government is forced to limit their funds, causing crime rates to soar and the sanctioning of criminals to reduce.
Those who refuse to self-isolate develop into a paramilitary group.
The governments turn totalitarian and join forces to regain control, and during the lock-down pass laws that go unnoticed.
Except by one woman: Caitlyn.
Her capture and subsequent imprisonment reveal she's never been infected.
She must survive persecution and evade vaccine testing while the world mourns.
As the quarantined are slowly released back into a society they no longer recognise, they seek someone to blame for the viral war and Caitlyn becomes the target.
Now with everyone against her she must fight for her life using any means possible.

In a world without rules how can you break them?

All proceeds from the sale of this book will be donated to the NHS.


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