What Goes Around, DI Alex Peachey: Book 1 (paperback), Ann Bloxwich

What Goes Around, DI Alex Peachey: Book 1 (paperback), Ann Bloxwich

‘Hugely enjoyable and gripping, with characters so believable that you forget you don’t know them in real life . . . A talented new voice in crime fiction . . . Bloxwich kept me guessing to the end’
-Louise Voss

‘As slick and hard-hitting as brass knuckles in baby oil, What Goes Around is a riotous, thrilling and fresh crime tale that brings huge entertainment, wry humour and twists galore . . . Highly recommended’
-Rob Parker

‘What Goes Around is a dark and gritty walk on the wild side . . . Ann Bloxwich is an exciting new voice in crime fiction and I can’t wait to see what she comes up with next’
-Howard Linskey

‘What Goes Around pulls back the curtain to reveal the darker side behind a world of glamour that few have seen . . . This is an impressive debut with a twisting storyline and sublime list of characters that reach out and pull you in . . . A gripping thriller that will keep you reading long after it’s time to turn off the light . . . Ann Bloxwich is a crime writer destined to be a big name in the future’
-L J Morris

‘Sharp characters, believable dialogue and an earthy sense of humour combine with a strong sense of place to create an intriguing mystery’
-Douglas Skelton

‘I don’t think another book has made me laugh or cry as much as this one’
-Louise Mullins

‘This is a cracking crime thriller . . . The perfect alternative to a girl’s night out . . . I devoured it’
-Lisa Jenkins

Vicky Wilson is dating Ray Diamond, legendary stripper and renowned bad boy. She goes backstage to see him during a show with friends and disappears.

When a woman’s body is found behind the club, DI Alex Peachey and his team are called in to find out who killed Vicky. But with his home life in turmoil, delving into the adult entertainment industry is the last thing he needs, especially with a case as complex as a spider's web. But due to his colleague’s sudden illness he doesn't have a choice.

Ray Diamond claims he’s being framed. His complete disregard for others means there are a lot of people who would love to see him fall from his pedestal. The question is, does anyone hate him enough to push him? And will DI Peachey be able to prove him culpable of murder before he strikes again?


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